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The law does not take such a lenient view of retail theft, and views all shoplifting, from "prankish" shoplifting to carefully executed retail larceny, as serious theft crimes. Legal penalties vary based on the amount of merchandise stolen, and may result in jail time and expensive fines. If you have been accused of stealing from a retailer, you need an experienced Bergen County shoplifting defense lawyer to help fight your charges and protect your rights.

Retail theft is a serious crime that requires a serious defense. Contact attorney Liebowitz online to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

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Attorney Alan M. Liebowitz has handled hundreds of criminal cases, including hundreds of cases involving theft and stolen merchandise. Attorney Liebowitz investigates your case and works to minimize your charges or argue for an acquittal.

Mr. Liebowitz will answer your questions and address your concerns, including:

  • Did a misunderstanding lead to shoplifting charges? Mr. Liebowitz has successfully argued for dismissal of shoplifting charges and for full acquittal in court.
  • Are your charges at the indictable level? As part of his defense, Attorney Liebowitz can often successfully show that the merchandise in question is worth less than claimed and have charges reduced to a misdemeanor.
  • Do your charges include a robbery charge? Past clients' charges have been inflated simply because they ran into someone while exiting a store. Mr. Liebowitz can work to minimize charges and consequences.

Alan M. Liebowitz is a member of the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and has handled hundreds of criminal cases. He has the skills, experience and resources to defend against any retail theft charges. Attorney Liebowitz offers free initial consultations in English or Spanish. Call the firm at (201) 340-9338 today.