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Traffic Violations The Law Firm You Can Trust During Difficult Times

Traffic Violations in Bergen, Hudson, & Passaic Counties

Skilled Legal Defense from an Englewood Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting a speeding ticket or any moving violation, including texting while driving, is anything but minor. Bergen County traffic violation defense attorney Alan M. Liebowitz is prepared to represent you as he works to minimize the impact of one or multiple traffic tickets.

Whether you are cited for speeding or if your traffic ticket relates to a more serious crime, getting experienced legal representation is essential. Contact attorney Liebowitz online to discuss your situation.

There Is Nothing Simple About a Traffic Ticket

Multiple moving violations may result in the suspension or revocation of your license. You will also be assessed points that can affect the status of your license and the amount of your auto insurance premiums. At the New Jersey law office of Alan M. Liebowitz, Esq., LLC, Mr. Liebowitz works to minimize the impact on you and help to get the best possible resolution to your case involving one traffic ticket or several citations.

Dedicated Defense Against Criminal Charges in Addition to Traffic Tickets

In some cases, individuals who are charged with moving violations may also face more serious criminal charges.

These include:

  • Drug possession or drug trafficking charges filed if drugs were found in the car
  • Weapons and gun charges may come into play if a firearm was discovered by the arresting officer
  • A person may be charged with DWI if the officer suspects a driver was operating the vehicle while impaired

With his extensive experience, attorney Alan M. Liebowitz can handle multiple offenses simultaneously, no matter how serious.

A Diligent Advocate Who Gets to the Facts

Mr. Liebowitz's job is to seek the best possible resolution to your case. He conducts a thorough investigation to get to the facts. With so much at stake, including your ability to drive legally and perhaps your freedom, you need the type of diligent advocacy that Mr. Liebowitz has provided to New Jersey residents for more than two decades.

We also defend the following charges:

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