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Driving on a Suspended License in Bergen County

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When you are charged with driving while your license is revoked, you face two immediate questions: Should you hire qualified legal help and, if so, when? The answers are simple — yes and as soon as possible. A conviction for driving while your license is revoked or suspended carries harsh consequences. Driving on a suspended license defense lawyer Alan M. Liebowitz will begin investigating your case immediately to ensure that your rights are protected.

Driving on a suspended license is a serious charge which requires immediate legal attention. Contact Alan M. Liebowitz, Esq., LLC by calling (201) 340-9338 to schedule a free initial consultation if you've been arrested in Hudson, Passaic, or Bergen Counties.

Possible Consequences for Driving With a Suspended License

The potential legal consequences for driving while your license is suspended in New Jersey are serious and may result in fines of up to $1,000 or more, an extended license suspension, points on your driving record and possible jail time. The consequences are even more severe if additional criminal charges, such as DWI, are attached to the initial traffic violation. That is why getting experienced legal representation is critical.

Experienced Defense Against Criminal Charges for Bergen County

At Alan M. Liebowitz, Esq., LLC, we have handled hundreds of criminal cases in addition to cases involving motor vehicle and traffic violations. He begins investigating your case and starts to formulate your defense right away.

The sooner you get in touch with Attorney Liebowitz, the sooner he can:

  • Determine the reason and circumstances that led to your initial license revocation
  • Analyze police procedures to ensure your rights were not violated
  • Begin the process of minimizing your legal consequences

As a member of the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Mr. Liebowitz understands how to provide effective, aggressive legal representation. He will work hard to reinstate you license and minimize the penalties in your case.

Do not take your chances in the criminal justice system alone. Contact Alan M. Liebowitz, Esq., LLC online today.